Bathroom Remodeling


Bathroom Remodeling

Why should you remodel your bathroom? First reason being is that a peach bathtub and green tile combo isn’t exactly making a great home fashion statement. An old or outdated bathroom, although common, is not the only reason to remodel. You may also have cracked or missing tiles, excessive wear and tear, or even darkened grout lines. Or maybe you just want a change. Whatever your reasons may be, remodeling is definitely the way to go when you’re ready. Renovating not only adds beauty, style, and a fresh feel to the home – it also adds value.

The bathroom is one of the most expensive rooms to renovate. It could make all the difference if you decide to sell in the future and is a major factor that potential buyers in the housing market look for.

A few things to consider are what works for you and your family, what styles are popular now, what homeowners in your area are looking for, and of course what fits your budget. Luckily there are so many facets to remodeling a bathroom that you can make renovations for any budget.

A full floor-to-ceiling remodel will grant you access to your dream bathroom. There will be construction involved and it will take some time. You have to consider your spacial limitations, materials, labor, and budget before jumping head first into a full remodel.

Modern luxury bathrooms usually consists of walk-in frame-less glass showers, over-sized Jacuzzi tubs, elongated toilets, dual vanity sinks, tile, granite and marble wall-to-wall tiling, countertops and floors. Bathtub to shower conversions are also very popular. They are safe, convenient, and easy to clean. This all gives the bathroom a smooth lined, modern feel. This all takes some demo and construction. Removing all existing materials and repairing any damages is key to assuring proper installation.

A more decorative and fun aspect of the remodel is picking all the bathroom fixtures! Lighting, finishes, mirrors, faucets, and knobs. These small touches really put your personal stamp on the renovation project.

Today, using materials that don’t cultivate mold or mildew is extremely important. These are usually non porous polymer surfaces that also protect walls from normal wear and tear. Whatever your remodeling wants and needs may be,relying on high-quality materials will insure you get what you want.